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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Russian Swimming Championships 25m: Day 2 features several records

09.11.2014, 20:52 Sport
10 sets of medals were contested on the second day of the Russian Swimming Championships (25m).

Men's 4x50m medley relay

1. Igor Sorokin/Anton Chupkov/Evgeny Korotyshkin/Artyom Lobuzov (Moscow) - 1:36.57

2. Roman Mikhailov/Ruslan Grigoryev/Kirill Kiselev/Alexander Andreev (St. Petersburg) - 1:36.64

3. Denis Kovalenko/Kirill Strelnikov/Roman Rybin/Mikhail Ukrainsky (Volgograd Oblast) - 1:36.97

... 7. Vladislav Tazov/Timur Galimzyanov/Nikita Korolev/Alexander Krasnov (Republic of Tatarstan) - 1:39.85

Men's 400m individual medley

1. Semyon Makovich, Samara Oblast - 4:03.91 (national record)

2. Alexander Tikhonov, Moscow - 4:05.56

3. Daniil Pasynkov, Moscow - 4:08.28

Semyon Makovich made the qualifying standard for the World Championships. He sets a record for the second consecutive year in Kazan - in 2013 he took the junior title, and in 2014 he was second to none among seniors. 

"I am very pleased with the result. The season was not very good but my coach and I summoned up our strength for this tournament, geared up really well and look at the result. I will work hard to improve my time. I have enough strength, but I also have drawbacks that should be eliminated," the champion said after the heat.

Women's 50m breaststroke

1. Valentina Artemyeva, Novosibirsk Oblast - 30.53

2. Natalia Ivaneeva, Volgograd Oblast - 30.55

3. Sofia Spodarenko, Tyumen Oblast - 30.93 (national junior record)

None of the swimmers qualified for the World Championships.

Men's 100m backstroke

1. Stanislav Donets, Ulyanovsk Oblast - 51.20

2. Pavel Kosmynin, Volgograd Oblast - 51.57

3. Anton Butymov, Komi Republic - 51.63

World champion Stanislav Donets made his first appearance after a two-year break. He showed the best result but failed to meet the World Championshoips qualifying standard. Although he succeeded to reach the qualifying time in the semifinal.

"The two-year break takes its toll. Maybe I got a little bit overexcited. I have no worries about meeting the standard. Almost a month ago during the Volga Region Championships I swam slower, so the progress is obvious. I am positive that I will have a better result in Doha," said Donets.

Women's 100m backstroke

1. Daria Ustinova, Sverdlovsk Oblast - 58.15

2. Polina Lapshina, Sverdlovsk Oblast - 58.49

3. Margarita Nesterova, Belgorod Oblast - 58.77

Daria Ustinova failed to meet the senior qualifying time for the World Championships, but made the junior qualifying standard istead.

Men's 100m breaststroke

1. Oleg Kostin, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast - 57.19

2. Kirill Prigoda, St. Petersburg Oblast - 57.65

3. Andrei Nikolayev, Kaluga Oblast - 57.92

"I missed the national record by a whisker. Very well then, I hope I will succeed at the World Championships. I made a couple of mistakes during the heat; I should have sped up. All in all, the result is OK, but I wish I had swum faster," said Kostin after meeting the qualifying time.

Men's 100m butterfly

1. Evgeny Korotyshkin, Moscow - 50.10

2. Sergey Fesikov, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - Penza - 50.55

3. Nikita Konovalov, Volgograd Oblast - 50.93

Two swimmers at once met the World Championships standard.

Women's 800m freestyle

1. Valeria Salamatina, Sverdlovsk Oblast - 8:26.13 (national junior record)

2. Anastasia Ivanenko, Komi Republic - 8:28.85

3. Elizaveta Gorshkova, Moscow - 8:30.84

Salamatina set a new national junior record, improving it by 7 seconds, but this result was not enough to meet the standard.

Men's 4x200m freestyle

1. Moscow (Artyom Lobuzov/Daniil Pasynkov/Dmitry Ermakov/Mikhail Polishchuk) - 7:02.36

2. St. Petersburg (Evgeny Ayzetullov/Elisey Stepanov/Anton Skudnov/Alexander Fedorov) - 7:06.08

3. Volgograd Oblast (Stepan Surkov/Evgeny Korolyuk/Mikhail Ukrainsky/Dmitry Bokankhel) - 7:07.82

4x50m mixed medley relay

1. St. Petersburg (Ekaterina Andreeva/Kirill Prigoda/Anastasia Lyazeva/Oleg Tikhobaev) - 1:40.77 (national record)

2. Moscow (Alexandra Papusha/Anton Chupkov/Evgeny Korotyshkin/Rozalia Nasretdinova) - 1:41.32

3. Penza Oblast (Vitaly Borisov/Maria Astashkina/Sergey Fesikov/Viktoria Adreeva) - 1:42.15

Eleven gold medals will be up for grabs on Monday, November 10.

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