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July 24 - August 9, 2015

Russian Swimming Championships 25m: Day 4 wraps up

11.11.2014, 19:36 Sport
The fourth competition day concludes at the Russian Swimming Championships (25m) in Kazan.

Men's 4x50m freestyle

1. Krasnoyarsk Krai (Andrey Arbuzov, Viktor Kondratyev, Ivan Rybkin, Alexey Amoz) - 1:27.37

2. Moscow (Evgeny Korotyshkin, Stanislav Stepanov, Mikhail Polishchuk, Dmitry Ermakov) - 1:27.52

3. St. Petersburg (Alexander Andreev, Vladislav Sery, Nikita Kurochkin, Evgeny Ayzetullov) - 1:27.53

Women's 100m breaststroke

1. Valentina Artemyeva, Novosibirsk Oblast - 1:05.45

2. Maria Astashkina, Penza Oblast - 1:05.67 (national junior record)

3. Daria Deeva, Sverdlovsk Oblast - 1:05.69

The 100m breaststroke event resulted in another junior record. 15-year-old Maria Astashkina also improved her personal best by achieving the qualifying standard for the FINA World Championships. The winner of the heat, Valentina Artemyeva, met the qualification time as well.

"I came back from the US to compete in the qualifier for the Russian championships, and was down with a sore throat. My temperature was 38. I didn't swim for two days, then I recovered and swam in the 100m event. I was about to start practicing, but I fell ill again and was confined to bed for another week. I'm so happy I won! I'm very pleased with the result!" Artemyeva said.

Men's 50m backstroke

1. Stanislav Donets, Ulyanovsk Oblast - 23.69

2. Vitaly Borisov, Penza Oblast - 23.86

3. Anton Butymov, Komi Republic - 24.12

Stanislav Donets took his second victory, but failed to meet the World Championships standard again. He missed the qualifying time by two tenths of a second. Tatarstan's Vladislav Tazov came sixth.

"I am glad that my every 50m heat in Kazan was better than the previous one. It was hard to swim after a two-year break, I needed to adjust to new circumstances. Hopefully, my best results are yet to come," Stanislav Donets commented on his performance in Kazan.

Men's 50m butterfly

1. Nikita Konovalov, Volgograd Oblast - 22.69

2. Alexander Popkov, St. Petersburg - 22.71

3. Evgeny Sedov, Volgograd Oblast - 23.11 (national junior record)

Nikita Konovalov snatched a dramatic victory in a tough struggle, but the second runner-up also reached the World Championships qualifying standard. As for Evgeny Sedov, for the second day in a row he improves the national junior record in the same distance.

"I am pleased and surprised that I qualified in the 50m butterfly. The 100m event did not turn out that well. Maybe I didn't have a proper mood on my first day. Several factors took their toll, and today I was in the mood to fight and qualify," Nikita Konovalov said after his win.

Women's 200m individual medley

1. Viktor Andreev, Penza Onlast - 2:09.18

2. Veronika Popova, St. Petersburg - 2:09.34

3. Ekaterina Andreeva, Vladimir Oblast - 2:09.89

Yana Martynova of Tatarstan placed fifth. All three medallists were not able to meet the qualifying standard for the World Championships.

4x50m mixed freestyle

1. St. Petersburg (Oleg Tikhobaev, Evgeny Lagunov, Svetlana Knyaginina, Daria Ustinova) - 1:31.66

2. Moscow (Artyom Lobuzov, Evgeny Korotyshkin, Rozalia Nasretdinova, Maria Reznikova) - 1:33.37

3. Volgograd Oblast (Evgeny Sedov, Ivan Kuzmenko, Ekaterina Yakovleva, Tatiana Baskakova) - 1:34.27

14 finals are scheduled for the closing day of the Russian Swimming Championships (25m). The competitions start at 18.00.

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