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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

International Men’s Water Polo Tournament: Georgia vs China match flash quotes

14.06.2015, 13:16 Sport
After the bronze medal match of the International Water Polo Tournament in Kazan, representatives of the Georgian and Chinese teams shared their thoughts on the past game and the tournament.

After the loss from Team Georgia, 6-16, Mr. Li, the representative of the Chinese delegation, explained why three defeats at the tournament haven't upset them, and what goals the Asian players seeked to achieve during the matches against the leading European teams.

"We are delighted to have a possibility to try our hand in such a wonderful tournament against such strong competitors. As for the results, we didn’t aim to win by all means. The most important thing for us was to test our young players and to substitute one generation of players with another with minimal losses. During the match against Georgia, we actively rotated the team roster and provided the game time to our new players. We saved the strength of our leading team members for the upcoming competitions in Italy, where we shall go directly from Kazan," Mr. Li, the representative of the Chinese delegation, summarised.

After the victorious match against China, Zurah Rurua, the captain of Team Georgia, noted that it was very important for their team to redeem themselves after two lost matches by earning a confident victory and a place on the podium.

"Our win over China on the closing day of the tournament should cheer us up before the preliminary rounds of the European Championships. The Kazan tournament is a good preparation for these rounds. We have important meets against the teams of Israel, the Netherlands and Latvia coming up, and we have to be in good shape to face them. Now we are moving step by step towards this goal. As far as the past match against China is concerned, I mean no offense to anybody, but I think that we were much stronger than our opponents. However, our dominance became obvious during the last quarter only. Today we proved that we’ve rightfully earned the third place on the podium," noted Zurah Rurua, the captain of the Georgian team.

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