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July 24 - August 9, 2015

International Men’s Water Polo Tournament: Spain vs Russia match flash quotes

14.06.2015, 14:24 Sport
Members of the national teams of Spain and Russia shared their opinions on the match and the tournament after the final game of the International Men’s Water Polo Tournament.

After a draw (8-8) against Russia, defender of the Spanish team, Sergi Cabanas, explained how his team managed to avoid defeat in the final minutes of the match and expressed disappointment that this result has not been enough to win this international tournament.

"There is no point discussing the last game, it’s already in the past. It is not the first time in the season that we cannot cope with the Russian team. We lost to them twice in the World League, and today escaped the defeat only in the final minutes. Revenge? Do not put it like this; all our competitors are strong enough: Russia, China, Georgia. What saved us in the last minute? Motivation, it was the key to success," said Sergi Cabanas.

Russian forward Sergey Lisunov, after a draw against Spain (8-8), which kept the hosts of this international tournament in the first place due to a better goal difference, expressed hope that this local victory in the competition will boost successful performance of Team Russia at the FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan.

"Of course, a clear win, not by goal difference, would be much better, but unfortunately, we did not make use of a number of good chances. Maybe it’s the accumulated tiredness that let us down, we’ll see. Final minutes? The Spaniards clearly did not want to let us win, which they already did twice during the season. We analysed those games and were well prepared for surprises today. How important is the victory? Psychologically, it is obviously important. We are not in the simplest group at the FINA World Championships, and we start to gain confidence that we can win," assured Sergey Lisunov.

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