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July 24 - August 9, 2015

International Men's Water Polo Tournament: Russia's head coach pleased with victory

14.06.2015, 15:25 Sport
Head Coach of Team Russia, Erkin Shagaev, after a draw against Spain (8-8), which kept his team in the first place at the International Water Polo Tournament in Kazan, commented on his team’s performance shortly after the game.

– Of course we wanted to beat Spain, but a draw was still enough to win this tournament. For this reason I am satisfied with the team’s performance and the result, given that the team was to a certain degree exhausted here in Kazan. The Spanish team is a serious competitor, and I am sure we did a good job.

– Was it playing under stress that resulted in your team leading twice in the second half with a two goal difference, but never managing to keep the leadership?

– Exactly. We went on through the tournament while being a bit exhausted, and we managed to stay a leader in the final game. We did not win, but it does not mean that the team performed badly.

– You beat the Spanish team twice during this season. Did you use the previous experience today?

– Of course. We analysed both games and used the experience we’ve gained.

– How different was today’s Spanish team from those previous ones?

– Today they were stronger; they brought their best roster to Kazan.

– The Russian team had a chance today to make a final attack, but the players opted for holding the ball. Why?

– A draw was clearly enough. There was no point to attack; we already understood that we would win.

– What would be the changes to the team that will take part in the 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan in less than a month?

– We have 17 players now. 13 of them will participate in the World Championships. There will be no new players. Who will be left out? We don’t know yet. Anything can happen during this month. All the players have equal chances to demonstrate their best.

– I’ll put it in a different way. Which player of your team impressed you most in Kazan?

– Well, a number of them. We won the tournament, don’t forget it. Personally? I would not like to give any names. 

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships