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3 senior and 6 junior records set on Day 3 of Russian Short Course Championship

24.11.2013, 01:55 Sport
Day 3 of the Russian Short Course Swimming Championship ended today in Kazan. It was highlighted with 3 senior and 6 junior national records being set.

One of the heroes of the day, Oleg Kostin of Nizhny Novgorod, set a national record in the men's 200m breaststroke, showing the second best time in the world - 2.02.38. The best result in this event belongs to the Olympic champion Daniel Gyurta (Hungary), who established the world record at the World Cup in Japan - 2.01.30.

Oleg Kostin scored 958 FINA points in this race, which allowed him to top the list of best athletes at the Russian Championship.

"I'm very pleased with the time I have shown. I have been gearing up for this qualifier, but I did not expect that I will have such a boost in the result. I find it hard to believe," the athlete admitted. "My opponents were strong, and I think that this struggle has helped me to show a good result."

When asked by reporters why he wears SKA St. Petersburg HC's kit when going out to the starting blocks and during the victory ceremonies, Oleg Kostin said that he simply likes it. Despite the fact that he is not a fan of this team, and not even interested in hockey, he believes that this kit is his lucky charm now.

The second best time in the men's 200m breaststroke event - 2 minutes 3.68 seconds - was shown by the medallist of the World Short Course Swimming Championships 2012, Vyacheslav Sinkevich.

"I have not been gearing up specifically for these competitions - I'm getting ready for the European Championships. I'm happy with the time I have shown today. If we compare my last year's results in the same period of preparations, this year I swam much better," said Vyacheslav Sinkevich after the race.

The bronze medallist in the same event was Moscow's Marat Amaltdinov (2.04.72). The fourth place was taken by a representative of the Volgograd Oblast, Aleksandr Palatov, who set two national junior records today - in the preliminary heats (2.07.08) and in the final (2.06.09).

Veronika Popova set the second national record in this competition, this time in the women's 100m freestyle - 52.58, improving her own achievement by 0.28 seconds. After earning 913 FINA points, Veronika now leads the women's standings at the championship.

"Today I wanted to break the record, and I did it. I have plans to improve my results in other distances, let's see how this will be done," said Veronika Popova. "My coach and I decided that at the championship it will be important for me to swim long distances so that I have a necessary training load and my muscles get used to such pressure. With that being achieved, we will continue our preparation for the European Championships. So far I cannot say what event I will compete in at the continental championship if I qualify in several distances at once. We have not discussed it with the coach yet. Quite possibly that I will compete in the same events as at the Russian Championship."

The silver medallist in the women's 100m freestyle was a representative of Moscow, Rozalia Nasretdinova; she set a new national junior record - 53.30, bronze went to Maria Baklakova of the Perm Krai (54.16).

"I was preparing for this competition, that's why I'm glad that I was able to show a good result. Nevertheless, it came as a surprise to me that I qualified in the 100m event as I have been gearing up for the 50m event. I did not get upset that I placed second. Veronika Popova is a very serious competitor and I feel no shame after being beaten by her," said Roza Nasretdinova. "I enjoy competing here - I swim easier here because the water is light. And Tatarstan is my home, even walls help here. Good performance at this year's European and world junior championships, of course, has given me confidence and strength. Here, at this tournament, where we swim along with senior athletes, I do my best to match them."

The third national record this day was set by Moscow's Svetlana Chimrova in the women's 50m butterfly - 25.93. Rozalia Nasretdinova, who finished second, was able to improve the national junior record in this distance as well - 26.10. Bronze went to the representative of the Altai Krai, Daria Tsvetkova (26.17).

"We have not been training specifically for this tournament. After the World Junior Championship, I was given three weeks of rest. I embarked on training only on September 20. After that we went to the training camp in the mountains and were settling down to a task. So my today's result is the payback of hard work we've been doing this summer. The goal here was to win the victory over myself and to advance a little bit in my results. And I managed to do it," commented Svetlana Chimrova on her performance.

Veronika Popova of St. Petersburg won her third gold in the women's 400m freestyle, beating Yana Martynova of the Republic of Tatarstan, who swam the distance with the best personal result (4.09.09) and Moscow's Ksenia Yuskova (4.10.21).

Semyon Makovich became the two-time champion of Russia, winning the men's 100m individual medley with a new national junior record - 1.55.78. The second step of the podium went to Penza's Dmitry Gorbunov (1.55.97), with bronze being grabbed by Vyacheslav Andrusenko from St. Petersburg (1.56.50).

"Prior to the tournament, I could not have imagined that at this point I will have two gold medals, so I'm very pleased with my results. At first I was skeptical about my results and my readiness, but after a good performance in the 400m individual medley, it became clear that things are not so bad. And this is not the limit of my ability," Semyon Makovich said confidently. "We have a very strong youth, the junior team was able to make a name for itself at the European and world championships. Now we are a good competition for senior members of the Russian national team."

In the men's 50m freestyle final, Sergey Fesikov was one hundredth of a second faster than Evgeny Lagunov (21.29 vs. 21.30). Third place was won by an athlete from St. Petersburg, Oleg Tikhobaev (21.63).

"Hundreds of seconds decide the outcome in the 50m event. Today was my day - I finished one hundredth of a second ahead of Evgeny Lagunov. This victory is very important to me. After the summer national championship, I decided not to swim crawl this season because I had a kind of psychological barrier that I needed to break. During practices, I swim quickly, but when I come to tournaments, something goes wrong in my head - I lose speed and technique," admitted Sergey Fesikov. "Unfortunately, this time I chose crawl again, even though I love to swim both backstroke and butterfly, and the results I have are fairly decent. On Monday, there will be another 100m individual medley - my favourite short course event in the past."

The national title in the women's 100m individual medley went to Vitalina Simonova (59.80), a representative of the Novosibirsk and Orenburg Oblasts. This result allowed her to place second in the list of top female competitors at the championship (900 FINA points). Silver went to Viktoria Andreeva of the Penza Oblast (1.00.67), with bronze going to Daria Kartashova from the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (1.01.27).

"This is my best result. I have improved my previous result by almost one and a half second, so I'm happy with my performance despite the fact that I have finished just shy of a national record. And most importantly - I have qualified for the European Championship," said Vitalina Simonova. "But my main event is yet to come - the 200 m breaststroke final, which will take place on the last day of the competition."

The men's 400m freestyle gold was won by the Volgograd swimmer Dmitry Bokankhel (3.41.97). Silver and bronze medallists were from Moscow, Mikhail Polishchuk (3.42.05) and Aleksandr Selin (3.42.71).

"Of course, there is a slight disappointment that I failed to win this race, but my coach and I have been deliberately preparing for the 200-metre race," said the silver medallist Mikhail Polishchuk. "The swimming was tough today, but for this stage it is a normal result. I managed to qualify for Europe in this event. There, I will fight against the best European athletes and will do my best to give maximum performance."

Mikhail Polishchuk also said that he's now training under the guidance of Andrea di Nino and plans to return to Italy immediately after the national championship to continue gearing up for the European Championships.

Polina Lapshina of the Sverdlovsk Oblast won the 200m backstroke event (2.04.80), thus claiming her second gold medal at the tournament. The runner-up, Daria Ustinova, showed a new national junior record - 2.05.90, while bronze went to Aleksandra Papusha (2.06.64).

"The result was quite unexpected for me; I exceeded the qualifying standard time to earn the spot on the Russian team by two seconds," admitted Polina Lapshina. "We have not been training at the maximum level for this tournament, my coach and I hoped to qualify for the European Championships and to show my fastest time there."

The final event of Day 3's competition programme was the women's 4x100m relay: the team of Moscow, made up of Aleksandra Papusha, Vera Kalashnikova, Svetlana Chimrova and Rozalia Nasretdinova, won a landslide victory, beating their rivals from St. Petersburg nearly by six seconds.

Russian Short Course Swimming Championship. Kazan. November 17, 2013. (All results)


100m freestyle

1. Veronika Popova (St. Petersburg) - 52.58 (national record)

2. Rozalia Nasretdinova (Moscow) - 53.30 (national record)

3. Maria Baklakova (Perm Krai) - 54.16

400m freestyle

1. Veronika Popova (St. Petersburg) - 4.04.38

2. Yana Martynova (Republic of Tatarstan) - 4.09.09

3. Ksenia Yuskova (Moscow) - 4.10.21

200m backstroke

1. Polina Lapshina (Sverdlovsk Oblast) - 2.04.80

2. Daria Ustinova (Sverdlovsk Oblast) - 2.05.90 (national junior record)

3. Aleksandr Papusha (Moscow) - 2.06.64

50m butterfly

1. Svetlana Chimrova (Moscow) - 25.93 (national record)

2. Rozalia Nasretdinova (Moscow) - 26.10 (national junior record)

3. Daria Tsvetkova (Altai Krai) - 26.17

100m individual medley

1. Vitalina Simonova (Novosibirsk Oblast - Orenburg Oblast) - 59.80

2. Viktoria Andreeva (Penza Oblast) - 1.00.67

3. Daria Kartashova (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) - 1.01.27

4x100m relay

1. Moscow (Aleksandr Papusha, Svetlana Chimrova, Vera Kalashnikova, Rozalia Nasretdinova) - 3.58.28

2. St. Petersburg (Ekaterina Andreeva, Svetlana Knyaginina, Veronika Popova, Daria Ustinova) - 4.04.04

3. Penza Oblast (Anastasia Dorodnykh, Viktoria Andreeva, Olga Klyuchnikova, Viktoria Malyutina) - 4.05.77


50m freestyle

1. Sergey Fesikov (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - Penza Oblast) - 21.29

2. Evgeny Lagounov (Arkhangelsk Oblast - St. Petersburg) - 21.30

3. Oleg Tikhobaev (St. Petersburg) - 21.63

400 m freestyle

1. Dmitry Bokankhel (Volgograd Oblast) - 3.41.97

2. Mikhail Polishchuk (Moscow) - 3.42.05

3. Aleksandr Selin (Moscow) - 3.42.71

200m breaststroke

1. Oleg Kostin (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) - 2.02.38 (national record)

2. Vyacheslav Sinkevich (Volgograd Oblast) - 2.03.,68

3. Marat Amaltdinov (Moscow) - 2.04.72

4. Aleksandr Palatov (Volgograd Oblast) - 2.06.09 (national junior record)

200m individual medley

1. Semyon Makovich (Samara Oblast) - 1.55.78 (national junior record)

2. Dmitry Gorbunov (Penza Oblast) - 1.55.97

3. Vyacheslav Andrusenko (St. Petersburg) - 1.56.50

Records set on Day 3 of the Russian Championship 2013

National records

Veronika Popova (St. Petersburg) - 100m freestyle - final - 52.58

Svetlana Chimrova (Moscow) - 50m breaststroke - final - 25.93

Oleg Kostin (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) - 200m breaststroke - final - 2.02.38

National junior records

Aleksandr Palatov (Volgograd Oblast) - 200m breaststroke - preliminary heat - 2.07.08

Aleksandr Palatov (Volgograd Oblast) - 200m breaststroke - final - 2.06.09

Rozalia Nasretdinova (Moscow) - 100m freestyle - final - 53.30

Rozalia Nasretdinova (Moscow) - 50m butterfly - final - 26.10

Daria Ustinova (Sverdlovsk Oblast) - 200m backstroke - final - 2.05.90

Semyon Makovich (Samara Oblast) - 200m individual medley - final - 1.55.78

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