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Day 4 of Russian Short Course Championship begins with a minute of silence

19.11.2013, 14:06 Sport
The fourth day of the Russian Short Course Swimming Championship, which takes place these days in Kazan, started with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the plane crash at the airport in Kazan. The victory ceremonies, the entertainment programme that usually accompanies the competitions, and the background music played during the heats were cancelled today.

President of the Russian Swimming Federation, Vladimir Salnikov, extended his condolences to all those whose family members were killed in a plane crash in Kazan. "I join all in expressing sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of those killed in the air crash. This is a terrible tragedy, that’s why today the championship is held without victory ceremonies and athletes met this decision with understanding," said Vladimir Salnikov.

The first final of Day 4 saw female swimmers compete for spots on the podium in the women's 100m breaststroke. The representative of the Novosibirsk and Orenburg Oblasts, Vitalina Simonova (1.06.05), claimed gold. It’s her second gold medal at the championship; she won her first gold in the 100m individual medley.

"The tussle was tough today. At the same time, I am very glad that the domestic competition has increased as it allows you to continually make progress. This victory was a surprise to me. The 100m breaststroke is not my distance, I couldn’t get it right until this day, but today I was able to improve my personal best. My favourite distance is the 200m breaststroke, which is scheduled for the last day of the tournament.”

Valentina Artemieva of Novosibirsk finished with the second best result in the women’s 100m breaststroke event (1.06.62). Anna Belousova from the Sverdlovsk Oblast (1.06.67) settled for bronze. All three athletes achieved the qualifying time standard.

“First of all, I want to express my condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the crash,” said Valentina Artemieva in her mixed zone interview. “As for today’s result, I can say that at the moment I am not at my peak, I think that I will be able to show a much better result at the European Championship. Or rather, I’m confident of that because I have been working hard for the last two months. I'd like to reclaim the European championship title, but this year there will be a very strong competition - Yulia Efimova, Rūta Meilutytė. I will do my best.”

Vitaly Melnikov took gold in the men’s 50m backstroke (23.49) to become two-time national champion. Nikita Ulyanov of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Vitaly Borisov of the Penza Oblast shared second place after swimming the distance with the same time - 23.77.

“To win the 50m event, one needs to be fresh and clean-shaven, this ensures that the speed is much higher,” said Vitaly Melnikov after the final. “However, this is my best time for this distance, so I can say that I have completed it successfully. After the championship, I want to go visit my parents for a couple of days, and then my coach and I will head to Stockholm for the competitions. 10 days prior to the European Championship, we will arrive in Denmark to start gearing up for the competitions.”

Volgograd’s Nikita Konovalov was in a class of his own in the men’s 50m butterfly (22.60). He easily met the qualifying standard for the European Championship. Aleksandr Popkov of St. Petersburg placed second (22.97), with bronze going to a representative of the Volgograd Oblast, Evgeny Koptelov (23.26).

“I do not feel joy, there is nothing to celebrate. My mind is filled with thoughts about the tragedy in Kazan,” said Nikita Konovalov.

St. Petersburg’s Veronika Popova won her fourth gold medal after topping the podium in the women’s 200m individual medley (2.10.21). The silver medal went to Vitalina Simonova (2.1023), with Viktoria Malyutina of the Penza Oblast ending up in third place (2.12.11).

The Moscow team, composed of Maria Reznikova, Valeria Kolotushkina, Kristina Pukhova and Rozalia Nasretdinova (3.38.70), secured a confident win in the women's 4x100m freestyle relay.

November 19 will be the last day of the Russian Short Course Swimming Championship in Kazan. 12 medal events will be contested that day.

Russian Short Course Swimming Championship. Kazan. November 18, 2013. (All results)


50m backstroke

1. Vitaly Melnikov (Moscow) - 23.49

2. Nikita Ulyanov (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) and Vitaly Borisov (Penza Oblast) - 23.77

50m butterfly

1. Nikita Konovalov (Volgograd Oblast) - 22.60

2. Aleksandr Popkov (St. Petersburg) - 22.97

3. Evgeny Koptelov (Volgograd Oblast) - 23.26


100m breaststroke

1. Vitalina Simonova (Novosibirsk Oblast - Orenburg Oblast) - 1.06.05

2. Valentina Artemieva (Novosibirsk Oblast) - 1.06.62

3. Anna Belousova (Sverdlovsk Oblast) - 1.06.67

200m individual medley

1. Veronika Popova (St. Petersburg) - 2.10.21

2. Vitalina Simonova (Novosibirsk Oblast - Orenburg Oblast) - 2.10.23

3. Viktoria Malyutina (Penza Oblast) - 2.12.11

4×100m freestyle relay

1. Moscow (Maria Reznikova, Valeria Kolotushkina, Kristina Pukhova, Rozalia Nasretdinova) – 3.38.70

2. St. Petersburg (Daria Ustinova, Svetlana Knyaginina, Anna Zaitseva, Veronika Popova) - 3.40.54

3. Novosibirsk Oblast (Ekaterina Borovikova, Vitalina Simonova, Arina Surkova, Polina Retyunskaya) - 3.42.53

National junior recorda set on Day 4 of the Russian Championship 2013

Semyon Makovich (Samara Oblast) - 100m individual medley - preliminary heats - 54.33

Daria Ustinova (Sverdlovsk Oblast) - 50m backstroke - semifinal - 27.58

Rozalia Nasretdinova (Moscow) - 50m freestyle - semifinal - 24.26

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