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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Alla Shishkina and Svetlana Kolesnichenko: We never say we are the best synchro swimmers ever

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
27.07.2015, 19:54 Sport
Representatives of the women’s national synchro swimming teams that claimed medals in the technical routine at the 16th FINA World Championships today shared thoughts of their performances in the final.

“We suppose our team has laid a good start. It’s too early to sit back and relax; we are sure to keep working hard to make you feel proud of our victories. What do we think about the scoring system? Last year at the European Championships our scores were even lower. It’s not that bad this time. We just need to work harder, although we do not know if it’s even possible (They laugh). We’d certainly like to get the highest points and sky is the limit!” Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Alla Shishkina, representatives of the Russian synchro swimming team, said after their gold-medal performance.

“When we go out on the deck, each of us is part of a well-knit team. Although we never say we are the best. Our performance is the way to show what we are capable of, to show what we have learned practicing every single day for 10 or 11 hours. And we believe we are good at it. We do not claim the gold in advance. We totally respect our opponents. And if everyone thinks we are not nervous at all, then they are mistaken,” the Russian synchro swimmers added.

“We understand that the competition in synchronised swimming event is becoming tougher every year. There are plenty of things to learn and to strive for and we are definitely going to work really hard to get much higher results in the future,” Chinese synchro swimmers Li Xiaolu and Li Guo said about their team’s success.

“We were aware of the tight fight we were going to have. And now we are pretty happy about performing better in the final than in the prelims and finally making it onto the podium. How did it happen? We were overwhelmed with positive emotions and managed to direct it in the right way, to make the artistic impression the best. It was the key factor of our success. Moreover, the Japanese duet won a medal a day before, so it gave us extra motivation to fight for medals too,” Kurumi Yoshida and Yukiko Inuiy, the Japanese synchro swimmers, commented their bronze victory.

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