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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Isabelle Harle: If I had given up, my partners would have drowned me

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
30.07.2015, 13:58 Sport
Right after the 5km team event, the medallists of the 16th FINA World Championships took questions from journalists.

“The race was very intense, so I had to speed up, but Christian was taking charge of the course. Our major rivals in the first half distance were the US athletes, so we were focusing on them. What is the key to success? We are lucky to quite often win large tournaments. Why? Everybody matters. Everybody makes a difference. Everybody is aware of his or her functions,” Team Germany, the winners of the race, said.

A lot of questions were directed to the only female representative of the winning team, Isabelle Harle. Her answers showed that she could not only swim, but joke as well. “Can male open water swimmers be jealous of my result? It was quite a task. After the first lap I even thought that I’d better stop. But I found whatever powers were along the course to keep on going. I’m grateful to my partners for encouraging me along the track. In fact, I am very scared of them. I think if I had given up, they would have drowned me,” Isabelle Harle joked.

The athletes from the Netherlands didn’t start with blaming the bad luck, though it’s been the third time for them to narrowly miss out on the top spot. 

“It’s been quite a hard race but I guess we’ve made it. It’s always difficult to compete in a team event because we have to consider our female teammate’s speed. Since our partner is a rather strong athlete everything went pretty well. How do we feel about not clinching gold? This time at the start we unfortunately wasted some time. The second lap turned out to be quite good for us that’s why now we clearly have to focus on the first lap,” the athletes from the Netherlands said.

Long-distance open water swimmers from Brazil admitted that the past event was supposed to sort of inspire them before the home Olympic Games. At Rio 2016, the athletes will compete in the 10 km open water swim event. 

“We wouldn’t say it’s been an easy race but we are happy to take silver medal home. Is it going to help us at Rio 2016, at home Olympic Games? Undoubtedly! At these Championships we’ve already claimed bronze, now silver, it really brings us joy! Unfortunately this very event is not presented at the Olympic Games programme. There are only individual 10 km open water swimming events. That’s why we are surely to train not together but apart, individually. What about the weather? We are fine with it!” the Brazilian athletes said.

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