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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Ryan Lochte: I hope to be one of the main contenders for gold

31.07.2015, 14:31 Sport
In the lead-up to the start of swimming events at the FINA World Championships in Kazan, a press conference with one of the best swimming teams - the US national swimming squad - has been held at the Kazan Arena Stadium today. The competitions are scheduled to start on August 2 and the US swimmers still have some time to get adjusted to a new environment and start training. By the way they have already tried out Kazan’s swimming pool and were able to assess the full scale of the swimming venue.

Melissa Franklin, four-time Olympic champion, shared her first impressions with journalists:

“We have seen Kazan before, but only in photos. We like it here, people are very friendly and the facilities are great. Especially the swimming pool, it is incredible, you feel all the magnitude of the whole competition just by one look. Swimming closely to the stands is also awesome because we kind of feel energy from the fans. Besides it is a half outdoor swimming pool which brings the athletes fresh air. It’s cool”!

The American swimmer also talked about the national team’s goals and her personal ones at the forthcoming Championships.

“I don’t know what to expect from these Championships, honestly. This year has been quite successful, I am pretty sure about that. Moreover there is a certain chemistry between all of us, the teammates, we perfectly know each other. On the other hand every country has sent their best athletes to these Championships. As for me, every single heat is likely to be a good one. My aim is not to break a record but to swim much faster than the other day. And I still should work on it,” said Melissa Franklin.

Her teammate, also a well-known swimmer, the reigning world record holder in the 400m, 800m, 1,500m freestyle events, Kathleen Ledecky, completely shares her point of view.

“Records are good, but I don’t keep in mind that I must beat them. I try to focus on a swim. I guess the competition is going to be intriguing and I would like to believe that we can represent our country very well and take the highest places in the final,” Ledecky said.

US celebrity swimmer, five-time Olympic champion, 15-time world champion, Ryan Lochte, doesn’t think about winning medals, he has already won enough; the most important thing for him is the sport itself and a chance to better his results. Nevertheless, he admitted that he's still aiming for gold.

“Every time I am about to start I don’t think about the medals I’ve won because they are history. I try to live in the present and look into the future. Thus, every day I come to the pool I make my body work. A lot of athletes aim at gold here, and I hope I will be among the main contenders for gold,” Ryan Lochte said.

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Ryan Lochte at press conference
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