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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Anna Espar: Earlier girls in Spain liked only football, but now more of them enroll in water polo

01.08.2015, 09:30 Sport
Although it is quite a long time ahead of the water polo final of the 16th FINA World Championships, the Barcelona 2013 world champions spend all their time on training. Spanish water polo female players Anna Espar and Roser Tarrago revealed their medal expectations and post-career plans.

– Please tell us about the venues you have already been to.

A: – We’d like to take as many training sessions at the Water Polo Arena as possible. Yet we have had only one training session before the match. The Burevestnik Swimming Pool is very good, too.

– What countries have you played against for now?

A: – New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Canada.

– Who is the strongest out of the opponents?

A: – Not so many teams, that’s why any squad may emerge as the winners. I have no idea who I would single out. Everything is decided in a match, for the participating countries are equally ranked.

– Is water polo popular in Spain?

A: – Not so much. It tends to become popular because lately we have been bringing home victories. Up till now all the limelight was on football. It’s great to see more and more girls play water polo.

R: – I started this sport because of my brother and sister, when I was 7 years old.

A: – I started playing when I learned to swim. It seemed fun to play water polo with my friends. I was 12 back then. I also liked basketball.

– Did you happen to play against guys?

A: – Yes, when there were not enough girls on the team.

– How was it to win in Barcelona?

A: – It was fantastic to play at home with full stands of supportive fans. We always dream of a win and this dream came true.

R: – We desired to win, but we didn’t expect it, really.

– What is your training schedule in Spain?

A: – We usually train for 5-7 hours and more in summer. It is difficult, but otherwise we fail to get strong enough to overcome other countries.

R: – Teamwork and good swimming skills are necessary in water polo, which is more difficult than in other sports. Apart from this, you need to stay on top form.

– How do you spend time at the Championships?

A: – Training. Some have time to watch synchronised swimming.

R: – I would like to see high diving or swimming, but I can hardly have time for that.

– What other sports are you interested in?

A: – Barcelona FC.

R: – Football, basketball, handball. There are many good teams in the city.

– Have you always rooted for Barcelona?

R: – Barcelona is simply the best or one of the best.

– What are your plans after you decide to wrap up your sporting career?

A: – I am a second-year student. My major is business administration. Actually, when everything is closely located, it is not a big deal to combine.

R: – I study sociology. I don’t know why and what I am going to do further on. I study in the US, but come home for Christmas or in summer. This summer I stay at home because of the Olympic Games on the horizon in order to intensify training on the national team. Afterwards I come back to America.

– What medal do you want to take?

A: – Gold, for sure. We will show our best play.

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