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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Cameron McEvoy: I think that Australian swimmers have a good chance of winning most swimming medals at the FINA Worlds

01.08.2015, 11:00 Sport
One of the world’s most promising swimmers, Cameron McEvoy, was 19 when he first tasted the joy of winning medals at the World Championships. Two years ago, in Barcelona, he and his teammates missed out on the top podium spot in the men's 4×100m medley relay by 0.14 seconds. Now he’s 21 and arrived in Kazan as one of the major challengers in the men’s 100m freestyle. During a press conference with the Australian national swimming team, that took place toady at the Kazan Arena Stadium, the Press Office of the Kazan 2015 Organising Committee asked the famous sprinter whether he agrees with his status as a pre-tournament favourite and who will be able to meet his challenge in this event.

Cameron, your famous compatriot, James Magnussen, admitted once that you are the main favourite for the 100m freestyle gold medal. Do you agree with his statement?

– If I will be able to swim the 100m freestyle in the time that I can show, then, let’s say, I will have good chances of ending up among the top three finishers. I think I can do that (smiles). In general, I show really good results during training sessions. But here, at the World Championships in Kazan, I will do my best to improve my results. And then whatever will be, will be. Am I a favourite? Let’s put it like this, the one who touches the touchpad earlier than the rest of competitors will win. And if I will happen to be this guy, it will be great. But let’s not jump the gun, before that I will need to go through the preliminaries and semifinal. I should move towards my goal progressively, step by step.

– According to you, who are your principal rivals in the race for gold at the FINA Worlds 2015?

– During the training sessions, I had a chance to see how other swimmers train. I know some of them; others came as a pleasant surprise. Who are my principal rivals? The first swimmer that comes to my mind is Russia’s Vladimir Morozov. Don’t be surprised that I didn’t start giving you name after name. In fact there are not so many swimmers in our realm that can make a name for themselves in the 100m freestyle at these World Championships. All these swimmers are constantly in the limelight, they show good statistics and results. One can say that I keep an eye on all my potential rivals.

– Does Team Australia have a medal plan for the FINA World Championships in Kazan?

– Surely we want to win as many medals as possible and will do everything possible to achieve that. We have a good team and strong athletes both male and female ones. But it’s pointless to make predictions, all the more since we will mainly focus on improving our best times, our statistics. I think that we will have quite a decent result in the team total, and we will prove ourselves as a really good team. Each of the Australian swimmers will do its best to propel the team forward and help each other. 

– During the 2013 FINA World Championships, all the world records were claimed by female swimmers. Isn’t it time for males to make their statement here in Kazan? 

– Male swimming develops gradually, step by step. The most important thing is that we progress. For example, Australian swimmers train to their fullest potential 10 hours a day. If you ever attend our practices, you will see that some athletes literally don't get out of the pool. I think training and hard work pay off sooner or later. Why not to make it happen in Kazan? There is every opportunity for our national team, especially for male swimmers, to add some golds to the national team's collection. In general, I have a strong belief that we will manage to improve our technical ability and advance to a very good level in two or three years.

– Swimming events at the FINA Worlds in Kazan will take place in a football stadium. Have you ever competed at such sports venues before?

– No, I have never swum at a football stadium before (smiles). I have already seen the swimming pool, the stadium in the morning, but I didn’t know it is a football venue. Indeed, everything is organised to a high standard here. Personally I like the idea of arranging so many seats for fans at the venue, so they seat quite close to the pool. It is going to be colossal and powerful support for us and other swimmers, as well. Rowdy stands will lead us forward and this is something special, to tell you the truth. Feelings are indescribable when you are cheered for by a huge crowd of fans, when all these people smile, shout, sympathise and wish you good luck. When the stands support us this way, we do our best to double our efforts and make our fastest times.

– Cameron, you are 21 years old. Don’t you think that such a young age can become an obstacle in competition against more experienced athletes?

– Yes, my rivals have more experience under their belt. But the same thing is true about me regardless of my age. I have participated in a good number of high-profile events, especially in the 100m or 200m freestyle events, these are my favourite distances. I will attempt to swim my best time and do everything possible for that. Two things are key in my training tactics, i.e. physical preparation and mental approach. I should not give way to emotions and excitement, all the emotions are allowed only after the swim. During a heat, I should focus on swimming faster and faster, nothing else. Calmness and peace inside play a very important role.

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships 2015