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Maria Kiseleva: The Masters tournament is an opportunity to prolong one's youth, fun and emotion

06.08.2015, 15:24 Interviews
Maria Kiseleva, famous Russian synchro swimmer and Kazan 2015 Ambassador, has met today at the FINA Expo Pavilion with volunteers of the 16th FINA World Championships. The athlete talked about her career, and also thanked the volunteers for their excellent work.

Maria Kiseleva mentioned that the 16th FINA World Championships offer a very busy and vibrant programme of events.

– How does a normal day of a Kazan 2015 Ambassador go by?

– Every day is different. It depends on the schedule, activities and events. But each day is always very interesting.

– Why did you become an Ambassador?

– It's very important to me. When we were athletes, a lot was invested in us. Morally, physically, and financially. And we all took it in, in and in. And now, when we have finished our careers and are engaged in other activities, it seems to me, we just have to give it all back and share it with everyone. And I think that my mission as an Ambassador is to promote the World Championships, Russia and the city of Kazan, attracting as many people as possible to this tournament, and as many people as possible to sports. Healthy lifestyle is a treandy thing now; people are trying to be in shape. Sport is developing massively, and it is especially obvious here in Kazan, as illustrated by the Summer Universiade and the World Championships.

– Tell us about the Closing Ceremony, and your involvement in the preparation of the artists for the show.

– I can't disclose any secrets. I can only say that it is a great honour to participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and we are conscious of the responsibility and are working to the fullest. It is a great pleasure to work with Igor Krutoy's production centre and director Aleksey Sechinov. For our part, we compe up with the ideas for the show and draw up out parts of the programme, so that they can fit into the overall concept, and be really beautiful. The best thing is that all the routines that we do weren't changed at all by the directors' group.

– What is your attitude towards synchronised swimming at the Masters tournament?

– I believe that it is a good thing that people have an opportunity to fulfill themselves. Masters athletes enjoy participating in competitions. In my day, when we were still athletes, we saw how elderly women were doing diving, and we marvelled at how they have enough courage and strength to do sports at this age. I believe that it is an opportunity for people to prolong their youth, fun and emotion by doing the things they devoted all their lives to. I know that water polo and swimming competitions are especially popular at the Masters tournament. This is very good, because it is the same physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

– Did you ever consider taking part in the Masters tournament?

– No, that thought never crossed my mind. I probably had so many competitions that I have no desire to compete anywhere now. I had enough excitement, feeling of adrenaline and drive in my life mean that I don't want to compete any more; I just want to work and create.

– Is there any record that you haven't beaten yet?

– It is very difficult to say. I keep setting goals in everything I do. Today I have my own dreams and challenges in the areas I'm involved in, including water shows that I have been doing for 12 years now, and my synchronised swimming school that I've been heading for 6 years. But my family and my children are the priority of course.  

– Do you have any further plans to participate in other sports projects as an organiser or an Ambassador?

– We often participate in different events, including sporting ones. We are always looking for new projects and are always happy to go ahead and try to grow professionally.

- What can you say about the organisation of the World Championships in Kazan?

– Everything is to the highest standard, and it was clear as early as during the Summer Universiade. I am sure that these Championships will go down in history as one of the best ones. This is not only my opinion, but the opinion of the people working here, the opinion of the FINA President. I have been to many tournaments, so I have something to compare with. I am very proud of Russia!

Maria Kiseleva is a famous Russian synchronised swimmer, Merited Master of Sport, 3-time Olympic champion, 3-time world champion, 9-times European champion, holder of multiple world and Europen Cups, and repeat Russian champion. She is a TV presenter, actress, and producer of water shows. Maria was chosen as an Ambassador for the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan.

Nikita Kolpakov

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Maria Kiseleva meets with Kazan 2015 Volunteers
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