Official website of 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan
16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Final press conference held in Kazan to sum up results of FINA Worlds 2015

09.08.2015, 18:02 Official events
A press conference was held at the Kazan Arena Stadium to review the results of the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan.

The press conference was attended by FINA President Julio C. Maglione, Russia’s Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko, FINA Vice President Tamas Gyarfas, FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu and Chairman of the Budapest 2017 Organising Committee Lajos Kosa.

“There were super performances over 6 disciplines. And the great level of training saw 12 world records and 7 championship records broken,” Julio C. Maglione said in his speech.

All the participants of the press conference stressed the high level of event management and the number of records broken here in Kazan. Vitaly Mutko thanked all those present for their high appraisal and added that hopefully the Organising Committee lived up to the expectations of the FINA Family, fans, athletes, team officials, etc. He also expressed hope that visitors will have only the most pleasant memories of Kazan.

“Everything was organised to the highest standard and I hope that both the final day and the Closing Ceremony will be long remembered by athletes and visitors alike,” Vitaly Mutko said.

The second half of the press conference was dedicated to the upcoming 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.  Lajos Kosa stated that despite the fact that the 2017 FINA Worlds were initially meant to be held in Mexico, Hungary will be able to stage the event to a high standard, but the host city will need to put in their maximum efforts to make it as close to Kazan’s level of event management as possible. During the press conference, the Hungarian delegation also showed a promo video of the next World Championships while with a clap of the FINA President’s hands the official Budapest 2017 website was launched.

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